Obtained as a by-product of oxidation that occurs between ethylbenzene hydroperoxide and ethylbenzene. It is one of the most simplest aromatic ketone. Being colorless and aromatic in nature, this is highly demanded in the market as a fragrance to be used in soaps and perfumes. Besides, Acetophenone also finds usage as a flavoring agent in meals and a good solvent for resins and plastic products. Since it is available in liquid form, we use good quality bottle for packing it to avoid spillage during transit. However, when working with it, make sure to use safety goggles, gloves and other products to avoid its contact with skin or eyes.


Acetophenone is highly demanded in the cosmetic industries. This acid is used for fragrance in soaps and perfumes both. It is formed in a viscous liquid which is used in resins. Additionally, provided chemical is an organic compound which is ideally suitable in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and flavouring agents. Acetophenone is easy to synthesized from acetyl chloride. It is prepared safely by the air oxidation of required chemical known as ethylbenzene. 

Acetophenone ,C8H8O, CAS No. 98-86-2


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