4-Methylpropiophenone is one of the aromatic ketones that bears a methyl group at the fourth carbon in its formula. As the name implies, this compound is derived from a propiophenone. Besides, the entire compound is canonicalized. The bonded unit count of this compound is 1. Molecular weight of 4-Methylpropiophenone is 148.2 gram per mol and its exact mass is 148.088815 g per mol. We have several other compounds that fall under this category. And, each one of them is unmatched in quality and the composition of the compound is mentioned on the product packing.

Propiophenone CAS 93-55-0

Propiophenone is formulated in a sweet aroma and liquid consistency. This acid is colourless and ensures a high boiling point. It is useful in the preparation for mixing with other compounds in a safer zone. Other than that, provided acid is able to work as a ketone fragrance. Propiophenone is mostly found in milk as well as coffee products. It is safely store in an air sealed drum which increase its life efficiency.

2-Bromo-4 - Methylpropiophenone Cas

We are engaged in dealing comprehensive range of 2-Bromo-4 - Methylpropiophenone Cas. It is a chemical agent which is used in electrocarboxylation reactions. This acid is processed with pharmaceuticals and dyestuff materials. It is ideally suitable for commercial applications. 2-Bromo-4 - Methylpropiophenone Cas is easily soluble with water and other acids without causing any harmful effects. It comes in a safer packaging to use for a longer time. It ensures a great melting point.




4 Methylpropiophenone

Being a prominent firm, we are providing a wide array of 4 Methylpropiophenone in the market. It is ideally used in industrial sectors. This chemical is well known for its coating products, adhesiveness and premium quality. It is suitable in personal care, cosmetics as well as polymers. 4 Methylpropiophenone is formed in a white colour appearance to render a great solubility. It is easy to maintain and stored in a safe container. It is available at affordable prices.


4 Methylpropiophenone Powder

Quality has been the prime concern of our company as we deal in chemical compounds that if not have its composition properly may cause wreck havoc. And, to ensure this, we analyze our offered 4 Methylpropiophenone Powder, at several quality parameters. For instance, good composition, purity, etc. Apart from quality of our product, we focus on quality packaging, as well. Packing material of good strength is used to eliminate the chances of spillage.

2-Bromo-4 - Methylpropiophenone

We are occupied in bringing a large stock of 2-Bromo-4 Methylpropiophenone. It is formulated with a premium quality of two mixture acids. This chemical is safe to use for a longer time. Apart from this, provided acid is cherished by our clients for its chemical properties. It has a great melting and boiling point. 2-Bromo-4 Methylpropiophenone is used in the laboratories and pharmaceutical industries. It can be customized in various packaging options as per the demands of consumers.



4-Methylpropiophenone, C10H12O, CAS No. 5337-93-9


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