Meta Chloro Anisole

Meta Chloro Anisole was initially used as a starting reagent during the regioselective synthesis of alkoxyindoles like 4- and 7-alkoxyindoles. Besides, it is used as an electrolyte additive for overcharging the protection used for Li-ion cell. Since it has a lot of applications to be used for, other compounds comprising this as main compound are highly demanded in the market and we offer each one of them by packing in a quality packing material. At our in-house laboratory, our experts focus on stabilizing all the compounds so that these can be used to avail their maximum benefits.

Meta Chloro Anisole

Meta Chloro Anisole is processed in a high quality of materials to render a great output in business. This anisole is mainly utilized as a raw materials and gives a solution with sodium methylate solution. It is stored in a plastic big container to prevent from dust and extend its durability. Meta Chloro Anisole is colourless and odourless in nature. It is featured for its high purity, properly packed easy usage and free from impurities.



Liquid Meta Chloro Anisole

As the name suggests, the offered Liquid Meta Chloro Anisole is available in its liquid form at budget-friendly prices. This is product is not only unmatched in quality, excellent in composition but the best to work with. However, the user should be careful while dealing with it and should wear proper protection kit. Along with keeping quality at our focus, we keep product safety in our mind, as well. For this reason, we make use of the best-in-class packing material with which our offered compound would never react and would reach in the same state to our customers.

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