Benzophenone appears to be white in color and is available in solid form. This compounds shows good solubility in organic solvents. However, is insoluble in water. The major application of the mentioned compound is that it is being used as a fundamental block in organic chemistry and is the parent diarylketone. All the compounds made using Benzophenone are available at our store. Our customers buy these at affordable prices without giving a second thought about quality because we prepare our compounds keeping in view all the industrial quality standards and the safety regulations.


We are recognized in dealing an extensive range of Benzophenone. It is used in building block and other industrial applications. Moreover, provided chemical is also found in fruits such as grapes, fruits and other pharmacological purpose. It is a curing agent and works as an additive for plastic and adhesive formulations. Benzophenone is useful to prevent the ultraviolet light. It is easy to apply in hairs which aids to seeks for the proper treatment in oily scalp.



Benzophenone, C6H5COC6H5, CAS No.119-61-9


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